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My name is Stuart Hall. I am a designer and I am pretty friendly, which is nice.

This is my website, which is pretty good if you really think about it. Remember those terrible black folio things? They were no good. This, however, is much better. It doesn’t weigh much at all and you don’t have to worry about bending any pages. It’s text and a few images. Video would be nice too, but you know...

If you would like to see more recent work, HMU. Contact details are in the contact section.


My approach to design is informed by observation, visual and written language, and a curiosity of culture. It embodies a content-driven approach, based on the idea of design as a source for learning, storytelling, understanding and play.

I have been working in design and branding for over 13 years with experiences in large and small agencies, and as an independent designer and a freelancer. Most recently I have been working with Wolff Olins working on developing brand proposition, strategy and leading design teams on pitches and projects alike.

These expereinces have taught me a great deal about the mechanics of branding and design. They also provided me with great practice and insight into the strategic side of ideation, design and brand identity.

I also have experience initiating my own projects with friends, such as a book awards program for Australia and New Zealand, an international poster exhibition and opening an independent book shop / project space.

Ok, great.
Anything else?


I like other things too, like taking pictures, copywriting, the mountains, art direction and looking at memes (I look at heaps).

As I mentioned, if you would like to send me an email about my work or maybe send me a nice picture, you can do so here.

Links to elsewhere.

I have a twitter account which is mainly just re-tweets which you can see here. An Instagram account which is pretty much the same photos as my tumblr.

My Linkedin is available to look at too. Linkedin is the least fun thing you can look at.

Thanks, x.